U.S. Suffering Permanent Destruction of Jobs

Someone on another blog mentions three economists saying that many US jobs are not coming back. From one comment someone made there: “Most citizens are not aware that the jobs aren’t ever coming back. I suspect when it becomes apparent that this is so, there is going to a very angry populace.”

As Mr. Fred Rogers sings in “What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?”, it’s OK to be angry. What matters is what you do with that anger. And as he says, when you’re mad, you don’t have to hurt yourself or anybody else.

What should we do with the mad that we feel about Congress and mainstream economists doing little about the permanent destruction of US jobs?

Well, we can ask Congress for a basic income. We can increase our local subsistence production. We can participate more in the gift economy. We can learn to live more simply. We can paint, draw, dance, sculpt, write, and sing about how we feel. We can spend more time with friends, family, and neighbors. We can take time to laugh together.

We can try to learn all we can about alternative visions of economics, society, and technology, even ones that have moved beyond work entirely.

Those are some of the things we can do with the mad that we feel.

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